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Bling bing
June 5, 2009, 11:31 PM
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So Microsoft’s latest attempt to usurp (well, maybe just compete with, lets be realistic) is here. We are reserving judgment, but here’s the press release spiel on it:

“”I’m excited to share with you that today Microsoft and MSN New Zealand has announced the launch of an exciting new search product called Bing™. The new site begins rolling out on 1 June 2009 and will be available to the world on 3 June 2009 at www.bing.com.

So how does a new search engine from Microsoft help customers make better decisions?

First, we believe that you must deliver great results by providing tools that grant fast access to the most authoritative sources based upon a comprehensive index of the web.

Secondly, Bing uses technology to deliver a richer, more organised experience. It includes quick, comprehensive access to recommendations based upon connections that can be drawn from the universe of search behaviour.

Finally, it’s brought together in a simple user experience built to cut through clutter of the Internet and connect people with the information they need to make better decisions.

The idea behind Bing is a simple one: Bing is a search experience designed to deliver results in a more organised way so you can find information that helps you make more informed decisions, more quickly. That’s why we’re working towards making Bing not just a search engine, but a “decision engine.”

So, when it’s live in NZ next week, give it a try! You just may like it better.””

They sure keep plugging away. Windows Live Search didn’t work for consumers or Microsoft – it reached less than 8% share in the primary US market, and a fraction of that in NZ.  We’ll see how Bing lives up the the ‘decision engine’ hype over the next few weeks, but with the equally hyped (and rather oddly named) wolfram alpha to compete with along with Google, a relaunched Ask! and Yahoo! , the search space is getting interesting again.

What is clear is thsat federated search, first seen here at a local level with the Yahoo!7 Australia alpha pilot in 2007, has truly arrived. Search is now about more than the web, its about database info, content of all forms, and is developing intelligence beyond simple retrieval and referencing.

How it plays for advertisers and marketers, and how users embrace its possibilities, remains to be seen.


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