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Facebook make (previously leaked!) changes to brand pages
February 11, 2011, 12:30 PM
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Those pics we saw some time back of the ‘new’ brand page layours from facebook have proved, predictabky, to be largely correct. The new brand pages rollout from now and bring brand pages visually into line with personal pages, and, appropriately enough also allow brands to interact with content on other parts of facebook much more like a person does.

There are 5 key changes (really 4 and a improved setup options), shown in the gallery below, taken directly from the tour Facebook is showing page admins at the moment. There appear to be 2 main aims to the changes – first to bring consistency between the brand page and personal profile UX, and increase interaction by doing this. The second is to allow how pages interact on Facebook to align more closely with how people do.  This will increase the value of brand pages, and, combined with other changes (especially sponsored stories, see our earlier post) advertising revenue.

1) Photos / media gallery for page  shown above wall

2) Navigation for pages moved to left hand side, like personal profiles.

3) New filters to sort page content, including by popularity (as opposed to origin, or recency, as at present)

4) Admins can now engage with content on other pages ‘as’ the brand page. This is massive. We can like other pages, see their activity in our news feed, and vice versa.

5) New admin settings, linked to the above, to control if admins post elsewhere on Facebook as their personal profile, or their brand page (4).




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