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Twitter starts on the long road to revenue
April 13, 2010, 7:22 PM
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Twitter has launched it’s “promoted tweets” advertising service, and so started the long and one suspects painful march to monetization.

It’s early days, but this was always going to have to happen – much like at some stage facebook may start looking to monetzize corporate “fanpages” more directly than just through the advertising these companies occasionally buy. Mashable has the basic details at http://bit.ly/cYvjJP.

Has anyone seen a sponsored tweet in a search result or in their feed yet? What do you think – good move or the start of the end?


We like you too, facebook (but what do we call fans now?)
March 31, 2010, 2:24 AM
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As reported all over the place in the last day or two, facebook is changing the terminology behind how users interact with brands. In the future, users will be able to indicate they ‘like’ brands, as opposed to being ‘fans’ of them. They say it’s a more natural action – and we have to agree.

The good news for brands is that as a result of the change the perceived endorsement threshold is lower (like is an easier action to ask users to take than to become a fan, we think, and we’ll get more ‘likes’) and yet the meaning of a ‘like’ in terms of brand opportunity to engage with users is the same – brands get the same functionality in terms of building a database of essentially opted in consumers with whom they can engage, and those consumers interactions with the brand are still promoted virally through the wall to their friends.

The interesting result of the change by facebook is this – what do we call our pages and our users now? The aren’t ‘fanpages’ and ‘fans’ anymore…..what do you think?  We’re struggling –  ‘Likers’ doesn’t exactly work….?

2degrees facebook case study
September 10, 2009, 6:16 AM
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I’m glad to be able to announce that we’ve got our shit together and produced a documented case study of our successes with facebook for 2degrees.

It’s been amazingly nice to get props from people like Chris Keall from NBR and Andy Blood from TBWA about the work we’ve done in social media for 2degrees, and we thought we should put something together to showcase the work and explain some of what we’ve learned.

Naturally some of the info is proprietary to us and 2degrees, so it’s not available at this stage for download. We are working on a cut down which hopefully we can release to media and post here for everyone, but if you are keen to understand how we brought 2degrees to life, how to develop bespoke, brand based facebook applications, how to leverage facebook communities in both paid and earned media, manage communities and generally build a super engaged base of brand advocates for your project, drop us a note. We’d be happy to come show ‘ya.

Get in touch: callme@wagthedog.co.nz

Right now we are stuck into the next phase of 2degrees (changing the game again) and working on 3 other very exciting, and very different, client projects across other categories. We’re also consulting on some media stuff, and playing in the mobile arena through a new arrangement which allows us to join the dots between the online and physical world via that most ubiquitous of devices, the phone.

Its great to be back in the brand and ideas space again. Thanks to everyone for their support so far, we are truly overwhelmed. We’ve had more calls and messages of support than I could ever have imagined. We’ve bedded in and got a solid base to stand on – Soon we start amping it up. Hold tight for news….