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We like you too, facebook (but what do we call fans now?)
March 31, 2010, 2:24 AM
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As reported all over the place in the last day or two, facebook is changing the terminology behind how users interact with brands. In the future, users will be able to indicate they ‘like’ brands, as opposed to being ‘fans’ of them. They say it’s a more natural action – and we have to agree.

The good news for brands is that as a result of the change the perceived endorsement threshold is lower (like is an easier action to ask users to take than to become a fan, we think, and we’ll get more ‘likes’) and yet the meaning of a ‘like’ in terms of brand opportunity to engage with users is the same – brands get the same functionality in terms of building a database of essentially opted in consumers with whom they can engage, and those consumers interactions with the brand are still promoted virally through the wall to their friends.

The interesting result of the change by facebook is this – what do we call our pages and our users now? The aren’t ‘fanpages’ and ‘fans’ anymore…..what do you think?  We’re struggling –  ‘Likers’ doesn’t exactly work….?


A little bit of press coverage
October 28, 2009, 9:11 PM
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For those of you who haven’t read the latest copy of AdMedia yet, here’s an article Josh Borthwick of AdHub has put together put together on behalf of the IAB. It’s a review of what’s ‘new’ and includes a few comments from us on social media and how the digital world might evolve over the next few years….http://bit.ly/38GKq0